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These products are created by Food Alchemist Lab of Future Food Institute

Mint • Basil• Mexican Tarragon


The O of our symbiosis is ORIA. The subtle infusion of umami introduces a layer of sophistication, offering a salty and savory element that elevates the overall profile of the drink. It is structured, umami and smoky with hints of red apple and pine nuts.

Sage • Basil • Monarda


The C in our symbiosis is CIRA. With its beautiful colour, delicate aroma and flavours that mirror the aromas, complemented by a subtle hint of eucalyptus that adds depth and complexity. Its refreshing with distinct notes of eucalyptus, complemented by bright and lively aromas of raspberry and currant berry.

• Ash •


The B in our symbiosis is BEA. A delightful and refreshing example of our ancestrale d’erbe, with delicate aromas and lively flavours. It has a delicate and aromatic nose, with prominent notes of ripe peach and juicy

Thyme • Sage • Oregano • Rosemary


The S of our symbiosis is SCILLA. A well-balanced blend of the Mediterranean herbs, combined with careful fermentation and aging, creates a drink that is both refreshing and delicate. It is fresh with hints of caramel and lemon peel.

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