A mutually beneficial relationship between different microorganisms, organisms and/or environments.

ACT is a symbiosis of

microorganisms, methodologies,
cultures, people and ingredients.

Microorganisms & Methodologies

Our SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) consumes the sugars of our infusions to create the first layer of complexity as happens in kombucha or water kefir. 

The ancestral sparkling wine methodology gives the final structure and the bubbles to our drinks. A low quantity of alcohol is produced in this process and a big flavor complexity is created after 4-months of ageing.


Asian drink culture is known for infusing tea, herbs, and roots with health purposes. They have a deep knowledge in infusing herbs properly to extract all the flavor and health properties as well as transform them.
Kombucha, a traditional fermented tea that originated in 220 BC in Northeast China, is popularly known for being a healthier alternative to refreshing drinks. This drink is characterized by a sour and sweet flavor and usually is made of black tea and is aromatized before bottling.

European drink culture is known for brewing beer and wine. It is said that the Empire of Rome was expanded until the places where grapes could be grown to make wine. Different methodologies related to wine production were developed over the years creating a big range of categories for almost all tastes.

ACT Ancestrale brewed these two cultures to create a unique beverage for conscious drinkers.